Makefile Example Usage

If you never used Makefile before, you better check out this article. You will find out what Makefile is and how it will be useful for you.

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Profiling A Go App With pprof

Profiling an application is helpful to identify resource consumption at runtime. We can see which function consumes the most CPU or memory. We can see if our application is already efficient or not and then find a chance of improvement. In Go, there is pprof, a built-in library for profiling that we can easily use and integrate.

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Distributed Tracing with Jaeger in Go

Distributed tracing is used by software engineers to monitor or debug their applications. It is very useful to find which process takes the most time or which function causes errors. One of the systems to do distributed tracing is Jaeger. This article will show you how to run Jaeger in the local environment and trace a Go application. What is distributed tracing? According to, distributed tracing is a method to profile and monitor applications, especially applications built using a microservice architecture. [Read More]

Monitor Server Metrics With Prometheus and Grafana

Monitoring your server’s metrics is important to maintain the reliability of your service. You can also save costs by downgrading your server if the average load is much lower than the maximum capacity of your server. There are many ways and tools to monitor your server. One of the most popular is by using Prometheus to scrape and store the metrics. And Grafana to visualize the data. This article will show you how to monitor your server’s metrics with Prometheus and Grafana, especially for Linux servers.

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